Filing E-Returns Is a Lot Easier and Quicker Too



Today, we do almost everything online; however there are many of us who still use traditional methods when it comes to filing income tax returns. However, electronic filing of your taxes is definitely one of the best things that could happen. Why use the internet for filing income tax returns?


Every year, an individual with a job or earning income to any means is required to report and file their income for taxation purposes. Taxpayers are required to file an income tax return on or before April 15 of the current and year and the period from January 1 to April 15 is given for tax preparation. As a taxpayer, you should be familiar with tax law and how to correctly file your income tax return. Here in this article are some steps on preparing for tax:


When valuing a company some people will use net income as a base instead of using EBITDA. However, EBITDA or EBIT should always be used. This article explains why and provides an easy to follow example.