The Many Uses of an Accountant



Using your time correctly is a challenge for any business owner. Accountancy is a complicated and at times difficult task, and getting bogged down in aspects of your business that do not play to your strengths can cost you time and money. Make sure you give the right roles to the correct people and go from strength to strength.


Today's bookkeeping software and a full-charge bookkeeper can do more than just balance your books and keep your financial statements in order. Here are a few other duties that can be integrated with cloud-based bookkeeping software that can save you time, save your business money, and give you the peace-of-mind that your small business is in the right hands as it grows.


When a payment is received by a customer or client, businesses often consider the transaction to be complete, overlooking the last step of the sales cycle- applying. The ability to apply payments to invoices correctly can be difficult for most companies for a variety of reasons.